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6th April 2020

The Garden Bistro


When you hear the name of The Garden Bistro, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? Perhaps a cosy area surrounded by nature, while you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and a cheeky dessert? Maybe you imagine flowers, blooming trees and freshly grown herbs, as you await for a mouth-watering salad to arrive? Well – that‘s us, in a nutshell. And no, we are not offering just salads, even though they are super tasty, we have more up our sleeve!

In the busy city of Edinburgh you are thinking? Indeed, just south-west of the city centre, located within the beautiful walled garden in Saughton Park, which was opened in mid-2019 after a seven-year renovation project. The newly built Garden Bistro naturally blends in with its big clear windows and exquisite wood finish. A hidden gem, within a hidden gem we would say. In such a picturesque place, the weather doesn't really matter. Sunny or rainy, windy or snowy the park will always offer you something to enjoy.

The Garden Bistro’s ethos of local, seasonal, sustainable and freshly picked, foraged produce is ideal for our location and the menu changes accordingly to reflect the seasonality. Remember the freshly grown herbs you were imagining? They are growing only a few feet away from our kitchen!

Bringing the community together was extremely important for us as we were planning our opening and recent times have shown that it will be even more necessary in the months to come. The Garden Bistro will offer something for everyone – maybe you would like to spend quality time in our seated outdoor area to enjoy the local flora and fauna. Feeling active? Our take-away window and dedicated menu will help to keep you on the go whilst you explore the park. A warm place to relax and socialise? We have a cosy indoor seated area with natural light coming from skylight windows. Connecting with nature, friends, family, and the community.

Look forward to seeing you all at some point in 2020.

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