Changes at The Garden Bistro

27th April 2022

Shannon Crighton

Exciting things are happening

At The Garden Bistro, we've had a lot of big changes, including becoming a National Living Wage Employer! This certification has allowed us to increase our wages for our staff. We feel it's really important all staff are paid a fair wage for a day's work and are really excited to be part of this. However, with the rise of living costs, we have had to increase a few of our prices, and want to explain why this has been unavoidable. 

National Insurance has seen an increase of 1.25%, which is an estimated £14 billion across the UK. This rise affects both employers and employees. In addition to this, VAT has also risen to 20% after being taken down to 5% during lockdown - this further increases prices from our suppliers. Alongside our increase for staff wages, we've had to increase our prices to cover all areas. 

Please remember we serve a range of delicious dishes with a variety of ingredients, including our weekly specials, so a lot of the price increases are linked to the cost of food increasing. We've tried our best to keep our prices as close to the original as possible, and hope that the small increase doesn't put you off, as these are what keep us going! We hope to see you all soon, and if there are any questions, feel free to pop us a message!

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