Keeping you safe this Christmas

10th December 2021

The Garden Bistro

Over the last week we have all seen more and more concern from our Government in regard to Covid, and as a team we hope to keep all of our customers feeling safe and assured. To do this, we'd like to remind you of the conditions we have in place within the Bistro and Government guidance we encourage.

Things we do to keep you safe:

  • Wear face coverings when moving around the venue
  • Keep the restaurant well ventilated
  • Ensure you are atleast 1 metre from other groups
  • Heated outdoor seating - to help you enjoy socialising even in the cold!
  • Track and Trace to the Government guidelines
  • Ensure there is handwashing/sanitising facilities at every touch point

Things we encourage to keep you safe:

  • We encourage the use of LFD tests before mixing outwith your household
  • Wear a face covering when moving around the venue
  • Wash your hands regularly, and use the sanitiser placed at each entry point
  • Please provide your details for our Track and Trace system

We understand that there may be uncertainty, but we welcome all questions before arriving, and are happy to accommodate any request for outdoor dining to both current and future bookings.

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