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Coffee available in regular or large sizes:

Espresso  £2.20 / £2.40 

Americano  £2.60 / £2.80

Latte  £3.20 / 3.60

Cappuccino  £3.20 / 3.60

Flat White  £3.00 / £3.40

Mocha  £3.40 / 3.80

Iced Coffee  £3.80

add extra shot of coffee  £0.50

add syrup (vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, gingerbread)  £0.50

Speciality Teas

All Teas  £2.50 each

English Breakfast Tea

Decaf English Breakfast Tea

Earl Grey Tea

Peppermint Tea

Green Tea

Camomile Tea

Lemon & Ginger Tea

Strawberry & Raspberry Tea

Blackcurrant & Blueberry Tea


Soft Drinks:

CanO Still Water • £2.50

CanO Sparkling Water • £2.50

Coca Cola 330ml • £2.50

Diet Coke 330ml • £2.50

Irn Bru 330ml • £2.50

Diet Irn Bru 330ml • £2.50

Fanta Orange 330ml  • £2.50

Fanta Lemon 330ml  • £2.50

Sprite 330ml • £2.50

San Pellegrino Orange 330ml • £2.95

San Pellegrino Lemon 330ml • £2.95

San Pellegrino Blood Orange 330ml • £2.95

Old Jamaica Ginger Beer 330ml • £2.95

Red Bull 250ml • £3.50

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate  £3.40 / 3.60

Luxury Hot Chocolate  £3.80 / 4.00

add syrup (vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, gingerbread)  £0.50

Beer & Cider
Canned Beers, Gin and Cider

Heineken – 500ml 5%  £4.50

Heineken – 330ml 0.0%  £3.95

Rekorderlig – Strawberry & Lime 330ml 4.0%  £4.50

Rekorderlig – Summer Berries 330ml 4.0%  £4.50

Rekorderlig – Mango & Raspberry 330ml 4.0%  £4.50

Draught Beer & Cider

Camden Hells Lager 4.6% – Pint  £5.50, ½ pint • £2.75

Camden Pale Ale 4.0% – Pint • £5.50, ½ pint • £2.75

Orchard Pig Cider 4.5% – Pint  £5.50, ½ pint • £2.75

Espresso Martini

A rich and smooth roasted coffee-flavoured cocktail with characteristic vanilla and chocolate notes, made with Smirnoff Vodka.  £7.50

Passion Fruit Martini

Smirnoff Vodka combined with juicy passion fruit, guava and lime flavours. Balanced with smooth notes of vanilla and marshmallow.  £7.50

Pink Martini

A fruity blend of juicy raspberry and tart lemon with red berries and a sweet taste of Gordon's Premium Pink Distilled Gin. • £7.50


Edinburgh Gin – Rhubarb & Ginger Ale 250ml 5.0%  £4.50

Edinburgh Gin – Raspberry Gin Fizz 250ml 6.0%  £4.50

Edinburgh Gin – Gin & Tonic 250ml 6.0%  £4.50

Wine List

White Wine

Languore Trebbiano Chardonnay Rubicone, Italy - (Vegan)                                       Straw-yellow with light greenish hue. Intense, with tropical fruit and flowers.          Structured and full bodied, smooth and well balanced.                                 125ml • £3.95    175ml • £5.50    Btl • £20.50

Sugarbush Hill Sauvignon Blacn, South Africa - (Vegan)                                             Bright start with exotic passion fruit aromas and flavours of gooseberry. Nice balance of citrusy lime to provide a fresh finish. The wine is crisp, fresh and fruity
125ml • £3.95    175ml • £5.50    Btl • £22.50

Riscos Viognier, Chile                                                                                                     Nose of medium-high intensity with notes of fresh white fruit and soft floral aromas. On the palate are fruity notes with silkiness and freshness.
125ml • £4.50    175ml • £6.25    Btl • £23.50

The Parodist Pinot Grigio, Hungary - (Vegan)                                                              Offers delighfully pure, fragnant expression of this popular grape variety and has abundant peach and grapefruit flavours, accompanied by a ripe citrus fragnance.
125ml • £4.75    175ml • £6.50    Btl • £24.50     

Kokako Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand                                                          Gooseberry and tropical spectrum, citrus backbone, fresh acidity with more mid-palate weight. 
125ml • £5.50    175ml • £8.20    Btl • £30.00 

King Stag Chardonnay, California                                                                          Complex aromas of white peach, orange blossom and a touch of vanilla. The creamy mouthfeel is balanced by a crisp acidity and a refreshing finish.
Btl • £31.00

Sancerre Blanc Duc Armand, Loire - (Vegan)                                                              Elegant dry wine, pale yellow colour, aromas of white flowers and green apple and refreshing citrus flavours.
Btl • £37.00 


Red Wine

Finca Nova Tempranillo, Spain                                                                                  Subtle notes of cherry, raspberry and redcurrant. Medium body, soft and juicy. 
125ml • £3.50    175ml • £4.95    Btl• £19.50

Viña Carrasco Merlot, Chile - (Vegan)                                                                        Offers good concentration and depth of fruit with a soft, plummy texture and hints of vanilla.
125ml • £3.75    175ml • £5.50    Btl • £21.50

Bantry Bay Pinotage, South Africa - (Vegan)                                                                 Full and rounded with notes of mulberry fruit on the palate, accompanied by hints of earth, spice and tobacco.
Btl • £22.50

Five Ravens Pinot Noir, Romania - (Vegan)                                                             Classic bright red fruit flavours and spicy notes.
125ml • £4.25    175ml • £5.95    Btl • £23.50     

Côtes du Rhône Remy Febras, Rhône                                                                   Garrigue scented, has succulent notes of red and blackberry fruit with warming hints of black pepper.
Btl • £24.50 

Capilla de Barro Malbec, Argentina - (Vegan)                                                                An intense nose of plum and bramble. Full on the palate delivering a wave of ripe, black fruit and mocha.
125ml • £4.50    175ml • £6.50    Btl • £25.50 

Rioja Gran Reserva Marqués de Cáceres, Spain                                                  Showing great complexity with notes of roasted coffee, spice, plum and strawberry. Powerful in the mouth with fresh fruit and nuances of toasty, well-integrated oak leading to a long, balanced finish.
Btl • £34.50 

Rose Wine

Ombrellino Pinot Grigio Rosé, Italy - (Vegan)                                                           
The colour shows brilliant coppery notes, small delicate red fruits, yellow fruit pulp of good complexity, the taste is delicate, fresh, good structure with a final note of minerality.
125ml • £4.25    175ml • £5.95    Btl • £22.50

Crescendo White Zinfandel Rosé, Italy - (Vegan)                                                       
Elegant rosé colour, fresh varietal aromas that become more complex with time. Very interesting structure due to the balance between soft tannins, acidity and residual sugar.
125ml • £4.25    175ml • £5.95    Btl • £22.50


Prosecco Bel Canto, Italy - (Vegan)                                                                   
Delicate and aromatic with fine bubbles, carries lots of fresh peach, pear and an elegant zest.
20cl btl • £9.00    75cl btl • £25.00

Cattier Brut Premier Cru £49.00
The Cattier familyl, producers of Armand de Brignac, have a rich and storied histroy as an elite Champagne house. It is bright and equally intense, with brioche and peach botes giving away to citrus fruits.

Cattier Premier Cru Rose £59.00
A beautiful tartness on the palate, with rich and generous flavours of blackcurrant and strawberry mixed with a hint of English toffee, and ending on a dairy caramel finish.

Cattier Brut Blanc de Blancs £69.00
It opens brightly open the palate, an explosion of fruit with flavours of peach, apricot and pear. These gracefully give way to notes of lemon and rich pastry, a fitting accompaniment to the smooth velvety texture.


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